schiuri copii ATOMIC REDSTER, WHITE, piste rocker, handmade + Atomic XTE 7 red/white
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Atomic XTE 7 red/white / Atomic XTE 045
Pentru cine:
Copii / Juniori
Tip schi:
Slalom / All mountain / All round
Tip schior:
Începător / Recreațional / Avansat
Lungime schi:
70; 90; 100; 110; 120; 130;
84-63-69,5 (70cm); 93,5-65-77,5 (90cm); 101-66-82,5 (100cm); 105-67-86 (110cm); 108-68-89 (120cm); 106,5-65-87 (130cm);
6 (70cm); 7,2 (90cm); 7 (100cm); 8 (110cm); 9 (120cm); 11 (130cm);
63 (70cm); 65 (90cm); 66 (100cm); 67 (110cm); 68 (120cm); 65 (130cm);

Canturi și talpa în stare perfectă.

Downhill junior skis Redster JR

In order for children to become interested in skiing, they need to be able to fully control their skis.

The range of children's skis now uses Bend-X technology, which ensures perfect bending abilities even for the youngest children.

And as children grow, their way of skiing also changes, Atomic has created a range that adapts to these changes: as the length of the ski increases, so does the width of the ski, the V-shape and the Camber shape. Thus, each size of ski is shaped to suit that particular height group.

Redster JR is a junior ski designed for small fearless riders.

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