clăpari schi copii NORDICA GPX TEAM, micro, macro ( stare TOP )
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Unisex / Bărbați / Copii / Juniori
Tip schior:
Începător / Recreațional / Avansat / Expert
Tip clăpari:
All mountain
Mărime MONDO:
19; 19,5; 27; 27,5; 28;
Mărimea EU:
30; 30,5; 42; 42,5; 43;
Schelet în mm:
238 (19cm); 238 (19.5cm); 322 (27cm); 322 (27.5cm); 322 (28cm);
Flex index:

The Nordica GPX Team Junior Ski Boots are a quintessential choice for emerging junior skiers who are looking for a comfortable, solid performing boot that is designed with progress in mind. With a flex rating of 60, the GPX Team boot is stiff enough for your little ripper who's looking to expand his horizons to the greater world of skiing.

Whether it's in the trees, bumps, steeps, or the race course, the Nordica GPX Team Junior Ski Boots are the ideal tool to get him where he wants to explore. With four buckles and a power strap, the GPX Team boot has a lot of characteristics of a high-end adult boot.

This is the point at which your little skier moves up into the realm of the big boot world. The buckles and strap lend to solid performance, and the fact that the buckles are all micro-adjustable is an awesome bonus. This way, when you're progressing throughout the season, you can feel confident that your boots won't pack out too much because you can adjust all the buckles.

Additionally, the four buckle and power strap setup ensure that the boot will adjust to many different leg and foot shapes and sizes. Thanks to the Comfort Fit liner, the Nordica GPX Team Junior Ski Boots are a breeze to put on and take off. Those of us who have struggled with the kids boots in the past will feel a sense of relief to know that your little ripper will have an easy time with entry and exit. Step up to the big time with the Nordica GPX Team Junior Ski Boots.

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