schiuri femei KASTLE DX 73 W 2020, woodcore, titan + Kastle Cti K10 ( stare TOP )

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Kastle K10 cti
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Tip schi:
Slalom / All mountain / All round
Tip schior:
Recreațional / Avansat / Expert
Lungime schi:
115-73-99 (148cm);
11 (148cm);
73 (148cm);

Muchiile grosiere și talpa în stare perfectă.

The DX 73 uses layers of fibreglass, metal laminates and a mix of silver Fir Beech wood core in its construction. The metal laminate provides a ski that's super stable and predictable whilst the wood core provides the rebound and energy from one turn to the next. This all translates to a ski that's easy going and user friendly but will still provide plenty of grip and stability at speed when its pushed.

At 73mm underfoot this ski is very fast edge-to-edge and ideally suited to carving responsive and tight radius turns on piste. The fast grip shovel Tip keeps turn initiation easy while the hook-free flat tail allows seamless exits, traditional camber along the majority of the ski makes for a stable and responsive ride.

This ski uses Kastle's signature Hollowtech 2.0 Technology, which reduces the tip weight keeping the ski agile from one turn to the next and helps it to float in deeper snow and chopped up conditions.

Kastle DX 73 is perfect for intermediate to advanced skiers looking for a smooth and stable set of planks for cruising the pistes all day long.

Features Include:

Hollow Tech 2.0 - Hollow tip construction reduces weight to reduce swing weight and keep the ski agile in the turns

Hook free tail/Fast grip shovel - Allows for smooth entry and exits from turns

Titanal Laminate - A layer of titanium in the ski improves torsional rigidity for stability at high speeds

Multi Wood Core - A wood and Microcell core gives the ski great shock absorption and a smooth ride quality

Semi Cap Sandwich Sidewalls - Excellent power transmission and edge grip whilst saving weight in the tip and tail of the ski

Elliptical Radius Sidecut - Two different radii along a single edge. This combines both agility and stability to create a smooth turn with no drag

Traditional Camber / Tip Rocker - Camber provides stability and edge grip while subtle tip rocker allows smooth turn initiation for high-speed carving

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