schiuri freeride BLACK CROWS CAMOX 2020 + Salomon Warden 13 ( stare TOP )
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Salomon warden 13
Pentru cine:
Unisex / Bărbați
Tip schi:
Freeride / Freestyle / All mountain / All round
Tip schior:
Recreațional / Avansat / Expert
Lungime schi:
131-97-119 (186.5cm);
20 (186.5cm);
97 (186.5cm);

Canturi și talpa în stare perfectă.

Organic and linear improvements for this incomparable mid-fat all terrain ski which is reputed for its tolerance and playfulness. This modernisation hinges around a very progressive flex and the lengthening of the side so as to strengthen its great manoeuvrability and its hold at high speed.

This new progressive and supple flex makes it even better to handle and more adapted to progression, confirming its DNA derived from freestyle ; whereas the lengthening of its side lines give a more effective and more stable edge.

For those wondering, in the animal world a Camox is an agile goat like antelope that spends his time in the high mountains of Europe. In the ski world it's basically the same thing, except it doesn't require food and water, well frozen water that falls from the sky is preferred.

The Black Crows Camox is an all-mountain ski that can ski an awful lot of terrain and snow conditions really well. It's nimble shape is accompanied with a versatile profile that floats well and grips even better, making the Camox an East Coast daily driver. It's light weight construction makes dumping speed easy, turn initation smooth and hopping from bump to bump a breeze. The Black Crows Camox is legit.


Poplar Core
Reactive and trustworthy, a single species Poplar wood core provides a consistent, poppy tip to tail flex.

Triaxial & Biaxial Fiberglass

Semi Cap
Durable construction that retains the edge power of sidewall construction while limiting chipping of the topsheet at the tip and tail of the ski.

ABS Sidewalls
Durability and shock absorption across all snow and terrain.

Printed Base – Stone ground 34 times for a smooth, fast ride.

Fat Edges – These thick freeride edges are denser, stronger and more resistant than conventional edges

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