legături de schi noi VIST 311 TSC, BLUE/white + plăcuță VIST ( NOI )

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The VIST bindings are designed with a modern focus, allowing for a vast range of possibilities for customization: thanks to the SpeedLock PIN

X-KEY Joint. 3 metal pivot joints, sensitive to every movement.

X-KEY Joint is the exclusive toe clamp system via three metal pivot joints, which, as documented by TÜV, are sensitive to every movement and guarantee immediate release for all kinds of falls. The applied materials ensure correspondence to DIN standards for greater durability.

TSC (Twin Spring Control). A second spring for security and performance.

TSC Technology assures maximum security in every direction during boot release, simultaneously guaranteeing an elevated grade of precision and performance. The second spring guarantees gradual control of vertical movement, cushioning impact in the event of a backwards fall.

DIR (Dynamic Intelligent Release). Antifriction system or intelligent release

An innovative technology: in situations of falling or twisting, knees and limbs suffer less pressure and are consequently more secure.

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