placa snowboard FLOW RHYTHM, Black/white/red, WOODCORE, sidewall, HYBRID/rocker
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Copii / Juniori
Hybrid / Rocker
26-22,8-26 (130cm);

PREȚUL NU INCLUDE LEGĂTURILE: Legăturile vi le puteți cumpăra ulterior în funcție de sortiment în secția LEGĂTURI PENTRU SNOWBOARD.

The Rhythm snowboard for boys is a great choice for beginners. It offers all the right technology for your little guy to learn and progress. The true twin shape provides a centered riding stance which is great for beginners who are still trying to figure out if they prefer a goofy or regular riding stance. And because it has a reverse camber or rocker profile, which lifts the tip and tail, he'll be less likely to catch an edge while he's learning to link turns. The soft flex of the board is great for little rippers because they don't weigh very much and the standard 4 hole pattern works with all entry-level bindings. All in all the Rhythm is a great youth board for any beginner rider.

- True Twin Shape

- Reverse CamberStructured Lacquer Topsheet Finish for Durability and Easy Cleaning

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