clăpari schi FISCHER CRUZAR XTR 80 TS 2020, Sanitized, micro, macro ( stare TOP )
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Pentru cine:
Unisex / Bărbați
Tip schior:
Începător / Recreațional / Avansat
Tip clăpari:
All mountain
Mărime MONDO:
26; 26,5;
Mărimea EU:
40,5; 41;
Schelet în mm:
303 (26cm); 303 (26.5cm);
Flex index:

A new model for more enjoyable days full of skiing - Fischer Cruzar XTR 80 TS. Boots that are easy to put on and guarantee a high degree of comfort thanks to plenty of space at the tip. Thanks to the gentler inclination, they ensure an ideal skiing position.

- Flex : 80

- Material - Shell : Polypropylene

- Material - cuff : PolypropyleneInner slippers : Power Comfort Liner

- Velcro : Cruzar 35mm

- Buckles : 4x SCruzar 15

- Power Comfort Liner : Inner slipper provides warmth.

- 100% Seamless Tongue : Virtually no friction, fits perfectly.

- Comfort Padding : Comfortable filling.

- Sensitive Toebox : Elastic neoprene in the finger area ensures optimal shape and excellent insulation.

- Higher Toebox : More space in the finger area means more comfort, more warmth and better control.

- Higher Instep : Higher instep means more space, better entry and easier stepping.

- Original V-position : The natural V-position of the feet is preserved in the shoes and the result is better control, less stressed joints and more fluid movement.

- On Center Position : The center of gravity of the skier is exactly above the center axis of the skis, which ensures even and continuous contact of the edges with the snow and allows dynamic and easier skiing.

- Maximum Power Transfer : Soma-Tec combines all forces precisely in the direction of travel and the result is perfect power transmission, maximum acceleration and preserved energy.

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