schiuri freeride ATOMIC AUTOMATIC 109, woodcore, partial TWINTIP, Carbon, powder rocker + Atomic STH 13 ( stare TOP )
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Atomic STH 13
Pentru cine:
Unisex / Bărbați
Tip schi:
Freeride / Freestyle / All mountain / All round
Tip schior:
Recreațional / Avansat / Expert
Lungime schi:
135-109-125 (189cm);
19,5 (189cm);
109 (189cm);

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Atomic's most versatile powder freeride ski, the Atomic Automatic 109 Skis substitute lighter Carbon Sprocket Power Boosters for the Titanium ones in the Automatic 117, and the reduced waist width makes edge to edge transfer easier. Great for fresh but not super deep days, tree skiing, and busting through chop, the Atomic Automatic 109 Skis are among the best "quiver of one" choices out there.

-Tapered Tip and Tail – Refined Five Point shaping promotes tracking in dense snow and versatile speed control.

-Light Woodcore – A lightweight laminated poplar core that doesn't scrimp on power or stability.

-Carbon Sprocket Power Boosters – Strips of carbon laid in a slight diagonal extending from the binding area enhance pop and power.

-Atomic Topsheets – Lightweight and highly resistant (made from 50% rapeseed oil).

-Stepdown Sidewall 2.0 – The best of both worlds - sidewall underfoot for grip, cap at tip and tail for durability and smoothness.

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