schiuri femei K2 ENDLESS LUV 2019, biokonic technology, speed rocker, grip walk + Marker 10 ( stare TOP )
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Marker 10
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For those who crave wide open slopes but also need a ski that weaves through trees and obstacles with the ease, the Endless Luv provides endless options for all-mountain resort exploring. Utilizing carbon, aspen, and fir, we rethought everything about the K2 LUV series skis.


- Bio-Konic Core

- Stance Forward

- Hybritech Sidewall


BIOkonic Technology:

- The K2 Alliance has always been at the forefront of developing the most badass womens specific skis and weve done it again with our latest collection incorporating the all-new BIOkonic Technology. The goal for the Alliance was the create a collection of skis designed from the ground up to specifically address the needs of female skiers of every level, type, and size; delivering the appropriate balance of performance attributes while maintaining accessibility for a wide group of skiers.

BioKonic Core:

- The optimization of materials and flex profile, placing heavier, dense materials over the edges of the ski where they have the most impact on performance, while guaranteeing optimized flex on every size from smallest to longest.

Stance Forward:

- The overall shape and sidecut of the ski are optimized to fit perfectly with the suggested mid-sole, ensuring a perfectly balanced ski.

Hybrid Sidewall Construction:

- Blending a sidewall construction underfoot with a full cap construction in the extremities. The sidewall section gives the ski accuracy, power and performance while the capped regions reduce overall ski weight and ease turn initiation and finish.