schiuri femei NORDICA SENTRA SL 7 Ti FDT 2021, energy 2 ti balsa, grip walk + Marker TP2 11
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Marker TP2 11
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Tip schi:
Slalom / All mountain / All round
Tip schior:
Recreațional / Avansat / Expert
Lungime schi:
118-69-102 (150cm);
11 (150cm);
69 (150cm);

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Who doesn't love a crisply carved slalom turn? When you watch those high-end skiers make those tight, round arcs, it's pretty darn impressive. A lot of it is training and hard work to be sure, but the skis make a difference too. That's not to say that any person could just hop on a World Cup skier's skis and create the same turns, but it's all part of the equation. The Nordica Sentra SL 7 Ti takes that type of top-tier performance and dumbs it down just a shade for us mere mortal skiers, but make no mistake, these things are still all there.

Recoil Power Plate: A World Cup inspired design unlocks the ski’s true potential allowing the ski to flex naturally making it more lively, playful and powerful. This allows for smoother power transition, an improved flex, and easy FDT binding adjustment.

Energy 2 Titanium Balsa Construction: A ultralight Balsa Wood Core between the two sheets of metal has a microlam construction made up of several thin balsa stringers to enhance the performance while keeping the ski weight down.

Dynamic Race Shovel: A less aggressive shovel keeps you balanced with on-demand power and control. Features include Smoother turn initiation, Increases control, and more versatility in various snow conditions.

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