clăpari schi femei ATOMIC LIVE FIT PLUS, NAVICULAR pocket, micro, macro ( stare TOP )
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35; 36; 36,5; 37; 38; 38,5; 40,5; 41; 42; 42,5;
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269 (22cm); 269 (22.5cm); 279 (23cm); 279 (23.5cm); 289 (24cm); 289 (24.5cm); 309 (26cm); 309 (26.5cm); 319 (27cm); 319 (27.5cm);
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The Atomic Live Fit W is designed for the true beginner to intermediate skier who has a medium to wide forefoot, medium to wide leg shape, and a tall instep. Atomic has placed two soft rubber panels on the inside and outside of the foot that will stretch as soon as you set your foot inside the boot to keep you supported or comfortable.

Soft rubber panels accommodate feet much wider than that. The Live Fit Panels also help keep your feet warm due to the fact that the rubber panels do not transfer cold temperatures the way that plastic does.

The two Mega Buckles are micro adjustable, and easy to close.

The upper buckle has a macro adjustable slider that can easily be moved out to accommodate the fullest leg shapes.

With a flex rating of the Live Fit will allow a true beginner to flex the boot, but it also has the rigidity to offer control to the solid intermediate skier.

If you have heard horror stories about ski boots, and you are new to the sport, or a novice who needs comfort for wide feet, the Atomic Live Fit W is the way to go.

- Best Fits a Medium to Wide Forefoot, Medium to Wide Leg Shape, and a Tall Instep

- 2 Live Fit Panels

- Velcro Strap

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