clăpari tură LOWA STRUKTURA LADY, micro, ski/walk, grey/blue ( ca NOI )
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Începător / Recreațional / Avansat / Expert
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Schi de tură / Freeride / freestyle
Mărime MONDO:
23; 24;
Mărimea EU:
36,5; 38;
Schelet în mm:
275 (23cm); 282 (24cm);
Flex index:
60;70; 70;80;

The Lowa Struktura is a fairly all-around AT boot, available at a reasonable price. It has a fairly beefy plastic shell and a comfortable inner liner. This boot is designed to be an all-around performer, on and off piste and in the backcountry.

For a touring boot the shell is fairly stiff, with three solid, plastic-coated aluminum buckles. The two lower-part buckles have the movable arms on the inner side of the boot, whereas the upper buckle is flipped around, and snaps shut on the outer side of the boot. The plastic tongue is made of three pieces, the lower and middle pieces are hinged on rivets, and the bottom piece has a plastic loop which attaches to a tang on the boot shell. Contrast with Scarpa boots, which have a flexible, "accordeon-folded" plastic tongue. The upper part of the tongue is a moulded rubber cuff. There is a "walk-ski" lever in the back of the boot, and the cuff pivots on the lower via a flat screw. A velcro strap is attached to the upper. The traction sole is made of "Skywalk" rubber, which is also found on other boots, although less frequently than "Vibram".

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