clăpari schi NORDICA NXT X80 N4, micro, macro, ANTIBACTERIAL, ACP, BLACK/red
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Unisex / Bărbați
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Începător / Recreațional / Avansat
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All mountain
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25; 25,5; 26; 26,5; 27; 27,5; 28; 28,5; 29; 29,5; 30; 30,5; 31; 31,5;
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39; 40; 40,5; 41; 42; 42,5; 43; 44; 44,5; 45; 45,5; 46; 47; 47,5;
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295 (25cm); 295 (25.5cm); 305 (26cm); 305 (26.5cm); 315 (27cm); 315 (27.5cm); 325 (28cm); 325 (28.5cm); 335 (29cm); 335 (29.5cm); 350 (30cm); 350 (30.5cm); 365 (31cm); 365 (31.5cm);
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Comfort and performance used to be mutually exclusive concepts, but with the Nordica NXT 80 Ski Boots, those days are over. Featuring a wide, 102 mm last that can accommodate a wider foot, and a solid yet forgiving flex, these boots won't rob your toes of bloodflow as you comfortably lean into them.

Built with Nordica s exclusive lightweight Triax plastic and featuring an adjustable cuff and snow-repelling weather shield, the Nordica NXT 80 Ski Boots are ideally suited for intermediates and recreational skiers in search of a wider fitting boot that is both comfortable and responsive, ideal for exploring the whole mountain.

Shell Materials & Design

Full Triax Construction – Advanced polypropylene formula exclusive to Nordica provides a 25% shell and cuff weight reduction compared to any other high performance or race boot on the market. TRIAX has a more consistent behavior within a wide range of temperatures and is easily workable by boot fitters.


Adjustable Cuff Profile – Nordica's Adjustable Cuff Profile Mechanism allows for adjustment between a more aggressive and neutral stance. Fits most leg sizes, keeping you on the hill longer.


4 Micro-Adjust Aluminum Buckles

Power Strap

35 mm Power Strap


High Traction PU Soles

Additional Features

Weather Shield – Overlap system integrated into the shell that provides a full waterproof feature to prevent water from leaking into the boot.

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