schiuri de fond ROSSIGNOL FIRST AR CUT EVO XC 49 2020 + Rossignol NNN ( stare TOP )
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Unisex / Bărbați
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176; 186;
49-47-49 (176cm); 49-47-49 (186cm);

The Rossignol EVO XC 49 is a fun, user-friendly cross country ski that's a perfect choice for recreational skiers of all ability levels. You can use the EVO XC 49 in both groomed classic tracks as well as for off-trail touring. The tips and tails of the skis have a nice soft flex, which gives the skier good control over the skis without feeling like you're fighting a stiff overall flex. The waxless Positrack base is also designed to be very user-friendly. Just grab your skis and head out on the trails; no need to worry about applying kick wax! For skiers just looking to get out and enjoy some casual touring in local trails or during winter trips, the EVO XC 49 is a great choice


  • Positrack Waxless Bases
  • Supple Tip and Tail Profile

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